iOS Tutorial Strong config to OpenVPN

iOS Tutorial

iOS Step by Step Tutorial!
Temporary Internet
OpenVPN App via AppStore ( Click Here )
iZip or WinZip App via AppStore (Izip click here And WinZip here)
iOS Config/Servers
1. Install OpenVPN connect from appstore.
2. Install Zip tool
3. Copy and Paste ang Download Link Config sa taas using Safari Browser.
4. Extract ang mga Server/Config gamit ang Zip tool.
5. Open ang OpenVPN connect then choose "OVPN Profile"
6. Import ang mga Server/Config na gustoq mong i-upload papuntang OpeVPN connect.
7. Load and Register on the Recommended Promo sa Network na gamit mo.
8. Kapag nagawa na po lahat ng Steps na nabanggit - Inform moko gagawan kita ng trial account

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